Phlegrean Fields and Vineyards

  • Days: 1
  • Nights: 0

You will visit the magic area of the Phlegrean fields. This is one of the most fascinating area of all the Campania region, rich in legends and mhyts. The area is not very known yet and not touristic. A very quiet place. It is the place where the Greek founded the colony of Cuma when they arrived in the VIII century B. C.

You will enjoy the craters, roman ruins as roman thermal baths and a huge roman cistern called Piscina Mirabilis. We will also visit a roman market, called Serapis temple.

Lunch with biological product and wine tasting in a tipical farm of this area.
Phlegrean fields are unique in the world and you cannot miss them!

From 01st March to 31st August

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