The Surroundings Of Mount Vesuvius – Naples

  • Days: 1
  • Nights: 0

€ 600

Departure from Naples for a tour you will never forget. Your tour guide is a professional architect who will accompany you first to the discovery and visit of the archaeological site of Pompeii, whose ancient streets and villas suddenly wiped out during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Then lunch at Villa Prota, a private property dating back to 18th century, wonderful example of the typical architecture of this area, known as Miglio d’Oro, where you will taste typical products and specialities of Campania region. Being a professional architect, your guide will give you exhaustive information about this private property and its architecture. In the afternoon visit to the MAV, Virtual Archaeological Museum, in which you will admire an exact reconstruction of the Vesuvian area in the ancient Roman time. Transfer by private bus.

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