Campania Food and Wine Tour

  • Days: 5
  • Nights: 4


1st day: Arrival in Naples

Arrival at Naples airport, meeting with your tour escort and transfer by bus towards Sorrento. Accommodation in a family run hotel in the region, with traditional local cuisine. Welcome drink, dinner and overnight stay.


2nd day: Sorrento

Breakfast at the hotel. This day is devoted to discovering Sorrento, famous for its production of oranges and lemons, its ancient craft of inlaid wood and its romantic sunsets. During the morning we will visit a farm where we will observe a cooking demonstration in order to understand the secrets of this art, and to savour the specialities of this region, directly from the source.

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Neapolitan cuisine is famous for its rich flavours and for its typical local products such as mozzarella. Following our visit to the farm, we will discover local products such as olives, olive oil, lemons, oranges, wine and bread. You will also  have the possibility of cooking yourself and later tasting the course you have prepared! In the afternoon, we will walk with our local guide to explore the historical centre of Sorrento. Passing through the small streets of this old city, we will see the walls and the ancient door to the city and monuments that are a testament to the past such as the ‘ Seat of Government.’ Nearby is the small cloister of San Francesco, with the beautiful gardens of the public villa where our eyes will be opened to the beauty of the bay of Naples.
We will visit a small factory which produces the famous lemon liqueur – Limoncello – a speciality particular of this area, tasting which will allow you to savour this delicious liqueur and where you can also try other flavours like ‘cream of limncello’ and ‘chocolate limoncello’. We will also have an opportunity to admire the craft of inlaid wood, a local tradition. Finally we can view and admire a fine collection of porcelain from Capodimonte at the Museum of Correale. ( optional visit) Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.


3rd day: Pompei / Vesuvius

After breakfast depart by bus for Pompei, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. This ancient commercial city was engulfed by the Vesuvian eruption of 79 AD and remained hidden and forgotten for hundreds of years.

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In this ancient city, with our guide, we will discover the many secrets and main monuments of the Roman era, and at the same time, revisit the emotional story of this once thriving city. After a tour of the excavation, we will depart for Vesuvius.

The long uncovered street of vine plants on the slopes beneath the volcano, produce the famous wine ‘LacrimaChristi’ (The Tears of Christ)’. The ancient Romans considered Campanie to be the best region for the production of wine and appreciated in particular the wine of Vesusvius. ‘La Lacrima Christi’, therefore is the subject of one of the most famous and beautiful legends of this area. The story goes that while Christ meditated on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, admiring the bay of Naples, pondering the immorality of man, tears flowed from his eyes and every very time a tear fell on to the soil, a small vine plant began to grow….. We will visit then a farm and in its small cantina we will taste the high quality local wine. Light lunch of local typical products. Following on we travel by bus to Vesuvius, the last active volcano on the continent, which dominates the Bay of Naplesand is famous for its many eruptions. This crater was  also known as ‘The Hot Protector’ and the Greeks believed it was the gateway to Hell. We will continue our assent by foot (optional) to discover a spectacular and unique view of  the Bay of Naples. Return to the hotel for dinner. After dinner we will experience a splendid musical Neapolitan spectacular.( optional) From our box in the Tasso Theatre of Sorrento, we will enjoy the traditional dance, costumes from the 14th century, and songs such as the famous ‘Torna a Sorrento’ and ‘O’ Sole Mio’, brought together in a great musical. The performance lasts about 75 minutes and recounts the  daily life of the people of the time. Return to the hotel for overnight stay.


4th day: Agerola/ Gragnano

After breakfast depart from the hotel by bus for our full day excursion to Agerola and its surroundings. The bus takes us to the area of Nocelle where  we will stop to meet with our guide and continue on foot to discover the magnificent ‘Sentiero degli Dei. This walk, which lasts about 5 hours, will provide us with a spectacular panorama.

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We will have the impression that we are immersed entirely in the luxurious vegetation, suspended beneath the sea and beneath the valleys of the wonderful Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Salerno.

The sheer cliff descends to the south and provides us with unforgettable scenery. Lunch at the base of the cliff of typical local products such as cheese and antipasti, allowing us to sample the real art of local cuisine. In the afternoon we will visit a pasta factory in Gragnano . This region of Naples is abundant with natural springs that provide power for many mills (about 1600) and therefore  production of pasta in this area is predominant. Since the 18th century the it has been impossible to separate the macaroni pasta from the fictional Neapolitan puppet- Pulcinella! The  famous puppet’s main preoccupation in life, was to devour large plate of macaroni, despite the fact that his hunger would never abate! More historically, macaroni was the main and often only, meal of the 17th Neapolitan population.
Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.


5th day: Benevento

Breakfast at the hotel and depart by bus for Benevento. ‘Nowhere in Italy is as ancient as Benevento’ so the legend goes. It was founded by Diomede and Ausone, sons of Ulisses and Circe’. Here we can admire the Triumph Arch, erected in honour of the imperial senate and the Roman people in the year 114.

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The Church of Saint Sofia, a wooden building, totally restored, represents one of the finest examples of European architecture fromThe Middle Ages.

The castle of Benevento, better known as ‘la Rocca die Rettori’ or ‘Rocca di Manfredi’, is to be found at the highest point of the city, dominating the valleys of the rivers ‘Sabato’ and its two important  avenues  ‘la Via Appia’ and ‘la Via Traiana’.Benevento is also famous for its production of wines such as:Aglianico, Falangina, Fiano, Taurasi, and others. We will visit a vineyard and in its cellar have a light lunch of typical local products and wine tasting. In the afternoon, return to Sorrento. In the evening we will have a pizza party in a restaurant to sample another famous local dish – the pizza, and listen to local Neapolitan music. (optional) Italian cuisine, like many cuisines is particular to each region. In this case, the pizza is not an Italian dish but Neapolitan! It has always been thought that the colours of the Neapolitan flag can be found on the Margherita pizza and that is exactly right- the green of the basil, the white of the mozzarella and the red of the tomatoes!
Return to the hotel for overnight stay.

6th day : Departure

After breakfast depart by bus for Naples airport. End of our services.


Alternative day:  Paestum/Vietri

After breakfast depart from the hotel by bus for Paestum where we will find a unique archaeological site of Greek origin. We can visit the temples of NettunoHera and Ceres. These temples, Doric in style, were built in the 5th and 6th centuries and have been marvellously preserved.Paestum is famous for its production of buffalo mozzarella, seen as the most important mozzarella of all, made from the milk of the female buffalo and nothing less!

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Before we leave Paestum, we will have the possibility of visiting a farm, where buffalo are bred, and view a buffalo herd soaking in a large pool. We will also have the opportunity to admire the  typical products made from buffalo milk and taste the buffalo mozzarella synonymous with this area and also will have the opportunity to assist in the production process. Of the many varieties of cheeses produced in this area the mozzarella is the most characteristic. Following this, we continue on to theAmalfi Coast, situated between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. The peninsula of Amalfi is the most spectacular coastline in Italy.  On the side of the headland of Salerno, are terraces covered in citrus trees descending down to the ocean and to the urban centre. Fortunately  the steep rocky incline and the gorge have prevented man from altering this walkway and it remains unspoiled and natural. This valley and those ofAmalfi, Positano, Ravello  Vietri sul Mare,  preserve our initial  fascination with this area. We will visit   Vietri sul Mare,  touring one of its  ceramic factories, as this is a craft Vietri is famous for. The ceramics of Vietri is distinct because it is personally designed for you by artists in their free time, without artistic constraints or design restrictions.
Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Services included:

- 3 stars hotel accommodation, rooms with private services
(classification according to Italian standard)
- full board starting with dinner on the 1st day ending with
breakfast on the 6th day
- welcome drink on arrival
- bus services according to the above program (parking
- a cooking course at a farm included in the visit and tasting of
dishes on the 2nd day
- full day tour escort service (6 hours in total) on the 2nd day
- a visit to a small limoncello factory and a small inlaid wood
factory on the 2nd day
- full day guided tour of Pompei and Vesuvius ( 5 hours in total)
on 3rd day
- visit to an agricultural business and tasting on the 3rd day
- full day guided tour of Agerola and Gragnano (6 hours in total)
on the 4th day
- visit to a pasta factory in Gragnano on the 4th day
- half day guided tour of Benevento (3hours) on the 5th day
- visit to a wine cellar and tasting on the 5th day
- a pizza evening in a restaurant in Sorrento or its surroundings
on 5th day
- a personalized booklet with all relevant information necessary
for your stay
- our assistance throughout the whole stay
- all services specified in the above program

Services not included:

- drinks
- entry fees to the sites
- all services not specified in the above program

Entrances fees:
Sorrento - Correale Museum
Paestum - Museum and Excavation

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