Rome “Zoo Marine”: An unforgettable emotion

  • Days: 2
  • Nights: 1

Come with us and spend a fantastic weekend full of unique emotions, mix up in the Marin Zoo of Torvaianica! This funfair, mainly based on the marine universe, is appreciated not only from adults but also from children. It will bring you close to different kind of animals such as : marine mammiferous, aquatics and tropical birds always by respecting nature,
Indeed, the Marin Zoo is especially characterized by the respect and the safeguard of animals. It is also characterized by the promotion of research and protection actions, such as the Zoo is now known all around the World, this thanks to is own qualitative standard and to the presence of expert doctors, veterinaries and biologists inside the park.
You will be able to visit the Capital and to discover the art works, Churches, monuments and typical places.

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