Pasta, eat it in the factory

If Italy is the land of pasta, its capital has to be Gragnano, a town near Naples where they still make it the same way they did in the 19th century. At that time, the village at the foot of the Lattari mountains was an enormous open air factory which produced the best pasta ever. The breezes blowing from the Bay dried the pasta hung out to dry along the streets of the town. Here macaroni meets the tastiest tomatoes and a plate of pasta becomes a veritable monument to the culture. Today the pasta factories use modern techniques to replicate the old procedures and produce a pasta that must be experienced to appreciate the difference with any other. We will visit a pasta factory where making pasta is a serious business and attention to quality never fails. Among the wonderful colors, smells and flavors, we won’t leave before we taste local specialties prepared with bread from a wood-burning oven and a unique pasta dish that very few people know about.

From 15th January to 31st August


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