8 - Musical ant theme tours

Ravello Concert

Ravello Festival

Each year in Summer, enjoy listening to music under the stars.

Caracalla’s Thermes

Ah! Italy…The Dolce Vita! Which other country may be that proud to reunite as much happiness, antic monuments, majestic landscapes and…lyric.

Puccini Festival

Guided tour of Pisa, famous for the Pendent Tower and one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Italy.

Arena of Verona

4 days discovering Verona, the Italian Art Festival and the area of Valpolicella.

Carnival of Venice

Who has never dreamt of going to the Carnival of Venice? During these 12 days before Mardi Gras, the Serenissime's streets change into a huge dancing place where people from all over come to have fun..

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